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About Sarah Hall
Theatre Company

Sarah Hall, a native of Glencoe, knew she wanted to give back to the community that influenced her passion to perform.  After living in Los Angeles pursuing her acting career, Sarah and her husband, Will, returned to her hometown to raise their family.  In 2006, Sarah was hired to create and teach an after school theatre class for first and second graders in Glencoe.  This group of 7 students quickly quadrupled in size and after only a few short years, over 150  students, ages preschool through 8th grade, were participating in her theatre programs each session.  Based on the success of her theatre classes, Sarah Hall Theatre Company was formed.  With the help of her talented theatre instructors, Sarah was also able to take over an existing dance program in Glencoe and expand her theatre programming to Deerfield; offering creative and performance-based classes to Deerfield’s community as well. Today, Sarah Hall Theatre Company’s classes are found in Glencoe, Deerfield, and Chicago.

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