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DAMA’S DRAMA (Theatre Classes for Seniors) with Sarah Hall Theatre Company
Sarah Hall Theatre Company’s older adult classes utilize memory and the mind, encourage group and individual participation, and always
lead to laughter!

BRAIN GAMES!—Theatre Games for Seniors
This exciting new class introduces you to the joy of acting! Using improvisation and theatre games that help maintain and perhaps improve memory and overall cognitive health, students work collaboratively and have fun!  Perfect for the first-time actor or former star, this class focuses on stimulating the brain and spirit in everyone.  Class duration: 60 mins.

THE PLAY’S THE THING!—Play Reading for Seniors
Whether you love to read or perform, this class inspires the actor, artist, and intellect in all of us!  Students will get an opportunity to learn about the playwright and discuss the play.   The real fun begins when characters are assigned and the play is read aloud by participants who get to bring the words on the page to life! Class duration: 4-8 sessions, 60 mins each.

Always dreamed of performing but never had the chance?  Each week, students are assigned a scene and scene partner from a new play.  Taking scenes from some of our favorite contemporary and classic plays, students are asked to read their scene aloud to the class, giving everyone the chance to learn about the play and to perform!  Class duration: 60 mins.

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ADults & Seniors

It’s never too late to discover the star within!  Sarah Hall Theatre Company offers a wide of array of classes for older adults at various Senior centers and Senior living facilities throughout the Northshore.  Our curriculum encourages group and individual participation with a strong focus on improving memory, comprehension and creativity.  Most importantly, our Senior students have fun!  See below for a list of classes we are currently offering. Please contact us if you are interested in bringing them to your Senior center or living facility.